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About the Maker


Welcome to Brass Habit! Everything you see here is designed and carefully made by me, Jenny. Making things has always been an integral part of my life. If it can be handmade, I have definitely tried to make it. (Some of these experiments have been more successful than others).

I currently live in Nashville, TN, with my husband and two cats. All my pieces are made at my lovely studio, and I also work part time at my dream shop, where you can find me in normal times cutting fabric and advising people on their projects. 

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A little backstory 


Brass Habit started off a decade ago as Pearlswirl Jewelry. At the time, I made wire-wrapped necklaces using freshwater pearls. What started as a just-for-fun Etsy shop I set up in high school, gradually morphed into a serious endeavor, and a celebration of my ability to generate (at least part of) my income with my own designs and my own hands. Over time, the style evolved away from pearls and away from the name.


I decided in 2019 that it was time for a big change. My obsessive habit of buying vintage and deadstock brass, which has been present since the beginning, was stronger than ever. Meanwhile, more and more of my creative energy was focused on textile crafts - mainly hand embroidery and garment sewing. To create a brand that felt totally right, I had to incorporate both.

The Brand Now


The result is a collection of wearable pieces that celebrate the complementary strengths of their components. Fibers and brass are very different - one soft, warm, and pliable, and the other solid, cool, and rigid. And yet, both are wonderfully tactile materials that change (some would say, improve) over time, as they begin to bear marks of the users and their stories. I'm compelled to honor those stories however I can. 

To learn more about the story behind the materials in a specific design, check out the 'The Story' tab in that listing. Above all else, the goal with every piece is to create something you'll love, that you couldn't find anywhere else, and maybe that encourages someone to think differently about what to discard and what to keep. 

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In addition to my own brand, I'm passionate about helping makers create community and participate in their local economies. In the past, I have set up and operated a 100% handmade pop-up shop and hosted local holiday markets in partnership with coffee shops and event spaces. I currently manage a handmade retail space within a cafe here in Nashville. If you're local and want to chat about selling your items or working together on an event, please get in touch! 

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