This listing is for the retail pack of Harvest Moon Earring; includes 3 total sets, one of each color. Retail pack is 5% off per unit price.


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The Harvest Moon is a gorgeous statement earring with a strong 70s vibe! The base of this earring is a vintage brass deposit token dating from the 1970's. The front is a hand-embroidered moon and wheatsheaf motif on a gorgeous textured cotton, with a single glass bead in the center. It is mounted onto the disc using archival acid-free glue. A handmade tassle hangs below and a tiny Brass Habit stamped tag hangs behind one earring.


Please note, each earring is handmade and stitch patterns will vary slightly from piece to piece; and vintage brass may show some tarnishing or signs of age.


MSRP: $52


Unless otherwise requested, items will arrive on individual jewelry cards as shown above. 

WS Harvest Moon Earrings - Retail Pack of 3

  • The Harvest Moon Earrings are made from the scraps of a black tiered dress I sewed in January 2020. The cotton has a beautiful and unique texture that lends itself perfectly to the tiny embroidery. As I have a very limited amount of the scrap fabric, the Harvest Moon Earrings cannot be remade once they're gone.