This listing is for the retail pack of two necklaces, one of each color shown. As there are only two pieces, there is no 5% discount; however this is the only way to buy one of each color. 


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The stunning Sunburst Necklace features a hand embroidered design with high-quality cotton embroidery floss on repurposed muslin fabric. It is accented with vintage brass beads. The whole thing is neatly enclosed in a vintage brass commemorative coin holder, making for a truly unique statement necklace that marries old with new, and juxtaposes soft, warm fibers with cool, hard metal. The whole thing is backed by another brass disc. It closes with an antiqued brass toggle clasp. 


Please note, each pendant is unique and the exact stitch pattern will vary slightly from piece to piece; and vintage brass may show some tarnishing or signs of age.


MSRP: $44


Unless otherwise requested, items will arrive on individual branded jewelry cards as shown above. 

WS Sunburst Necklace - Retail Pack of 2

  • 26" (66cm).