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This listing is for the retail pack of five colors, (including pumpkin which is not pictured) and includes a 5% discount per unit. To view the single keychain wholesale listing, click here


The True North is a gorgeous statement keychain with just a touch of bohemian magic. Clip it onto your keys, or hang it proudly from your bag, rear-view mirror, or a zippered pouch. The base of the keychain is a vintage brass deposit token dating from the 1970's. The front is a compass motif hand-stitched on high quality black Aida cloth then mounted to the vintage token using archival acid-free glue.


It hangs from a vintage brass lobster claw keychain with a swivel ring. Please note, each keychain is handmade and exact stitch patterns may vary slightly from what is shown; and vintage brass may show some tarnishing or signs of age.


MSRP: $25 each

WS True North Keychain - Retail Pack of 5