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This listing is for a whole retail pack of 12 Signs Keychains - one of each sign. Retail pack is 5% off per unit price. 


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The Signs Keychain features a tiny constellation of the zodiac, hand-embroidered onto worn and weathered denim - the perfect starry sky canvas! It is mounted onto a brass disc which features a small Brass Habit stamp, and nestled into a vintage brass commemorative coin holder. The whole thing hangs from a vintage brass lobster claw keychain with a swivel ring.


Please note, each keychain is handmade and exact stitch patterns may vary slightly from what is shown; and vintage brass may show some tarnishing or signs of age.


MSRP: $28


Unless otherwise requested, items will arrive with individual branded tags as shown above. 

WS Signs Keychain - Retail Pack of 12

Sold Out
  • The Signs Keychain started off with my inheriting an abundance of old, torn denim. In my opinion, worn denim is one of the most beautiful materials to work with. I couldn't help but see a starry night sky woven into the subtle color variation from the weathering. On top of that, it's perfectly softened and pliable, making it easy to work with. The Signs Keychain was born!

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