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When will my order ship?


Orders are typically made to order and will ship within 10 business days of ordering. Occasionally the item will be in stock and ready to ship, in which case it will ship within 3 business days of ordering. 

How will my order be shipped?

Orders are shipped in a sturdy mailer with the USPS. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking info when your order is shipped. Brass Habit is not liable for packages that are lost or stolen. However, please do get in touch if you believe your order is missing. Please bare in mind that the current global pandemic is slowing shipping down. 

How will my order be packaged? 

Orders arrive in paper pillow boxes, with the jewelry nestled inside on a jewelry card, ideal for gift-giving or just for treating yourself.  The packaging is 100% paper so please recycle!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I use USPS First-Class International. Typically, most destinations should expect 14-28 days, however Brass Habit is not liable for any customs charges or delays that may occur. 

Exchanges & Returns 


What is your returns policy?


I truly hope you love your Brass Habit piece(s)! But I know things happen sometimes. So, in the unlikely event you aren't satisfied, please get in touch within 7 days of receiving your order so we can work out a solution. I want you to be happy! 

Something arrived broken! :( What do I do?

As hard as I try to ensure everything gets to you in perfect condition, unfortunately accidents happen. If your order arrives less than perfect, please contact me ASAP (within 7 days).



I don't have a PayPal account; can I still buy online?


Yes! The shop is PayPal-enabled, but it's possible to check out with a debit or credit card without using PayPal. To do this, click "checkout with PayPal". Proceed through the checkout process, and at the bottom of the last page, you will see the option "Pay with a debit or credit card".

What's the deal with all these designs?

You can read all about the backstory and motivation behind my designs here. But, the one line answer is this: Brass Habit is a celebration of two timeless materials - fibers and brass - and the magic that happens when they're put together in unusual ways.


What materials do you use and where do they come from?

I am very particular about sourcing. I buy brass from several vintage and deadstock dealers based in the US. I can and do spend hours scouring Etsy and the internet at large to find treasure. All brass is vintage, excepting: earwires, clasps, some chain, and the wire I use to wire-wrap chain to clasps.

As for the fiber element, many of the fabrics I embroider are scraps leftover from my personal practice of sewing garments. In fact, the whole idea behind Brass Habit came from a desire to close the loop on waste generated by garment sewing - a practice I engage in for, among other reasons, its sustainability. It seemed nonsensical to be throwing away oddly-shaped but perfectly good scraps. So here we are. Other fabrics are second-hand and have stories to tell. Occasionally, I do use new fabric. A good example of this is the Cross My Heart locket, which requires a specific type of grid cloth that is hard to source second-hand. All embroidery thread is new. To read more about the materials and history of a specific piece, click the "The Story" tab on that product's listing page.


 How do I care for my brass jewelry?


A lot of the vintage brass components I use show slight signs of age (this is part of the charm!). However, to keep them looking lovely, it's best to follow these steps:


  • Never sleep, swim, or bathe with the jewelry on. 

  • Please wait until all perfume and lotion is absorbed before putting jewelry on. 

  • Store jewelry on its own in a dry container and keep away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing in high humidity areas like the bathroom.

  • To clean brass, use warm water and dish soap (or a special brass cleaning agent). Do not submerge in water. Dry off completely. Brass polishing cloths also work well.

Do you sell to small retail shops? 

Yes! If you're interested in buying wholesale, please check out my wholesale page or reach out directly. If you want to know where you can buy, check my retailers page here


Can you design and make a custom piece(s) for me?


I usually love working with people on custom designs, though during busy periods it may not be possible. If you have ideas, I can't wait to hear them!



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